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At Aras Driving School Overvecht you can obtain your driver's license in a fun and educational way. With us you no longer have to wait until you are 18 years old to start your driving lessons. From the age of 16 you can start taking your theory exam, and from the age of 16.5 you can start driving lessons. At the age of 17 you can start driving, until you are 18 you will drive with the driving coach of your choice. We offer both individual lessons and packages, of course the packages are cheaper.

Aras Driving School Overvecht

Aras Driving School Overvecht pays a lot of attention to providing high-quality driving lessons. We strive for good teaching methods and improve them where necessary. You get a personal, interactive and structured way of teaching. Vehicle control, knowledge of regulations and traffic insight are quickly made accessible to you through our teaching method.

The lessons are given in a modern lesson car and by instructors who are regularly tested by INNOVAM. There is a wide choice of lesson packages, accelerated training and individual lessons. During lessons you always drive the same car with the same driving instructor.

Aras Driving School Overvecht offers you a solid foundation for your driving training. Your progress is recorded on a special instruction card, which will be discussed with you at the end of each lesson.

In short, you are not just trained for your exam, Aras Driving School Overvecht ensures that when you are alone behind the wheel you can participate in traffic safely and competently. Request a free trial lesson.

A lot of attention

Maximum attention to your driving skills!

High-quality driving lessons

Discover the quality of our high-quality driving lessons!

Personal, interactive and structured driving lessons

Experience personal, interactive and structured tailor-made driving lessons.

Vehicle control, knowledge of regulations and traffic insight

Achieve excellent vehicle control, thorough knowledge of regulations and sharp traffic insight.

Driving pleasure with our instructors

Discover a world of driving pleasure with our instructors.

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Want to get your driver's license at the age of 17? This is possible with 2toDrive. With 2toDrive you can start your driving lessons earlier, you no longer have to wait until you are 18 years old. When you are 16 years old you can start taking your theory exam. From the age of 16.5 you can start driving lessons on public roads. You can start your driving test from the day you turn 17.

When you get your driver's license, you can drive a car under the supervision of your own coach. Your own coach can be a family member or acquaintance. You can book 5 people on your supervisor pass as your coach. Until your 18th birthday, you may only drive if your coach is sitting next to you. The driving instructor must meet certain requirements.

​On your 18th birthday you can drive independently. The CBR expects that approximately 50,000 young people will participate in this process. Book today so that we can schedule you on time and avoid waiting times.

Early start

Start driving lessons at the age of 16.5.

Safe transition

Gradual transition to independent driving.

Accompanied driving

From the age of 17, drive under the supervision of a driving instructor of your choice.

Flexible choice

Choose your own driving instructor.

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View & learn all traffic signs in the Netherlands

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Lessons at Aras Driving School Overvecht

Aras Driving School Overvecht guided me well during the driving lessons. Thanks to the good guidance, I felt confident in traffic after obtaining my driver's license. The driving lessons were given in a pleasant manner. Aras Driving School Overvecht is a pleasant driving school!

Driving Lessons

You start by meeting your personal driving instructor. After the introduction, you get into the car for the first time and take a seat behind the wheel. During the first lesson you will go out to get to know the instructor and yourself about driving a car. Based on this driving lesson, the instructor will give you non-binding advice about which package he thinks suits you best.

A schedule will be drawn up in consultation for the layout of your driving lesson. Depending on the size of your package and your abilities, you will take a number of driving lessons. If your driving instructor believes that you are ready for the CBR exam, he will apply for it in consultation with you. To apply for the exam, we must have your BSN number (Citizen Service Number), a personal statement (Health Declaration) and an authorization (DigiD).

On my CBR , click on the DigiD logo to log in. Here you enter your username and password. Enter the driving school number here (1019F3). Then enter your address details. After reading the terms and conditions, click agree. Now you authorize the driving school. You will receive a confirmation email from this. Send us the confirmation email with your name and address details. Then you are now really ready for the exam.

Aras Driving School Overvecht hopes to congratulate you after the exam as a proud owner of your driver's license.

  • How much does a driving lesson cost in Utrecht?

  • What percentage succeeds at CBR?

The costs of a driving lesson in Utrecht vary depending on the driving school and the type of lesson. On average, the costs are between €50 and €70 per lesson hour.

The pass rate at the CBR varies depending on the type of driving test and the location. In general, the average success rate is between 45% and 50%.

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