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Aras Driving School Utrecht: Driving lessons in Utrecht and the surrounding area - Aras Driving School

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What do the driving lessons look like at Aras Driving School Utrecht?

Aras Driving School Utrecht provides driving lessons in the Utrecht region and the surrounding area. Because every student is different, everyone is taught in his or her way that is pleasant and suits her. We adapt our learning method to the student's pace. That is why we always suggest taking a free* trial lesson. During a trial lesson you will meet your driving instructor and your driving instructor can see what you can already do and what you still need to learn.

During your trial lesson you will drive for 60 minutes under the supervision of your instructor. This way you get to know yourself better with regard to driving. Maybe you are very scared and things aren't that bad after your free* trial lesson. This way you have a better idea of what your driving lessons will look like at Aras Driving School. Based on this trial lesson, your instructor will provide non-binding advice on which Driving Lesson Package suits you best. We also provide tailor-made driving lesson packages.

For example, you may have had a bad experience with your previous driving school. Then it is advantageous to get a tailor-made driving lesson package. When you choose Aras Driving School, we decide together what your driving training will look like. You must authorize your driving school to apply for your practical exam via cbr.nl. Then follow the steps below to arrange it as best as possible.

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What do I need to apply for the practical exam?

- An authorization (DigiD)
- A BSN number (Citizen Service Number)
- A personal statement (Health Declaration)



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Interim test
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Practical exam
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incl. free re-exams
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How do you authorize the driving school?

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Authorize your driving school with your DigiD.pdf
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  • 1. Go to my CBR.
  • 2. Click on DigiD logo to log in.
  • 3. Enter your username and password.
  • 4. Enter the driving school number (1019F3).
  • 5. Enter your address details.
  • 6. Read and agree to the terms.
  • 7. Authorize the driving school.
  • 8. You will receive a confirmation email.
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If you use a re-examination , costs will be charged in connection with the lesson car! (€190,00)