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Aras Driving School Utrecht: About Us, Teaching Methods and Driving Lessons - Aras Driving School

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About Aras
Driving School Utrecht

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The driving school for good and cheap driving lessons in Utrecht and the surrounding area!

A lot of attention

Maximum attention to your driving skills!

High-quality driving lessons

Discover the quality of our high-quality driving lessons!

Personal, interactive and structured driving lessons

Experience personal, interactive and structured tailor-made driving lessons.

Vehicle control, knowledge of regulations and traffic insight

Achieve excellent vehicle control, thorough knowledge of regulations and sharp traffic insight.

More about Aras Driving School

Aras Driving School pays a lot of attention to providing high-quality driving lessons, constantly striving to improve the teaching methods. You will receive driving lessons in a personal, interactive and structured way that makes vehicle control, knowledge of rules and traffic insight quickly and accessible to you as a student.


We also provide crash training and customized driving lesson packages and you can drive within 2 weeks. Therefore, make an appointment online quickly for a free* trial lesson or call Aras Driving School. We provide driving lessons in Utrecht and the surrounding area.

What can you expect at Aras Driving School?

Driving lessons are given in a BMW 118i (2021 model) by driving instructors who are regularly tested by INNOVAM. You will receive driving lessons from a permanent driving instructor, which gives you the advantage of experiencing a personal way of driving lessons. And that is very important in your driving training. This way you can pick up the actions you need to learn more quickly than if you had a different driving instructor next to you for every driving lesson. We will pick you up at home and take you back home, just like a driving lesson should be.


In this way, Aras Driving School lays a solid foundation for your driving training. The instructors keep track of progress on a special instruction card and discuss it with you after each driving lesson.


In short, you are not only trained for your exam at Aras Driving School, no, you follow a driving course at Aras Driving School, so that you can actually participate in traffic safely and competently when you are behind the wheel independently.

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If you use a re-examination , costs will be charged in connection with the lesson car! (€190,00)