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2toDrive: Driving lessons for 16.5 year old Young Drivers - Aras Driving School

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2toDrive - Driving license if you are 17 years old?

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With the 2toDrive program, young people can start driving lessons at the age of 16.5 and take their driving test on their 17th birthday. After obtaining their driver's license, they are allowed to drive under supervision with a coach of their choice until the age of 18.

Early start

Start driving lessons at the age of 16.5.

Safe transition

Gradual transition to independent driving.

Accompanied driving

From the age of 17, drive under the supervision of a driving instructor of your choice.

Flexible choice

Choose your own driving instructor.

How does 2toDrive work?

The CBR expects that approximately 50,000 young people will participate in this trial. So book today so that we can schedule you and avoid waiting times.

Aras Driving School and 2toDrive?

We offer driving lessons for anyone who has turned 16.5 years old. It is especially important for young drivers to receive good guidance. Participants in the 2toDrive lessons receive extra attention and help while driving to learn everything properly. This way you are completely ready to get your driver's license at the age of 17. View our offer and contact Aras Driving School directly.
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If you use a re-examination , costs will be charged in connection with the lesson car! (€190,00)