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Aras Driving School in Utrecht: Take driving lessons at the number 1 driving school!

Driving School Utrecht: #1 🏆 Best & Cheapest Driving School

If you are looking for a cheap driving school in Utrecht, then you have come to the right place. At our driving school we offer you a complete package of services at affordable prices. We provide our students with the best possible service, with a friendly and professional approach. At Aras Driving School you will learn everything you want to know about driving, so that you can pass your practical exam B.

Discover the convenience of automatic driving lessons in Utrecht with our BMW X4 2021

Automaat Rijlessen UtrechtLearn to drive now in an automatic transmission. We offer these driving lessons in a BMW X4. The advantages of learning in a automatic transmission are:


  • – Fewer actions while driving;
  • – More peace of mind while driving;
  • – More confidence;
  • – Better Vehicle Control;
  • – And oh so easy.
Why Aras Driving School Utrecht?

Reasons to choose us

We work with the best driving instructors. Our driving instructors know exactly what is needed, so you get a personal approach and flexible planning.

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If you are already 16.5 years old, you can start your driving lessons at Aras Driving School and you can finish driving at the age of 17. For more information check 2todrive.nl

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Driving Lesson

At our driving school you can take lessons of 60, 90 and 120 minutes. Packages are cheaper than individual lessons.

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Quality Driving School

We find a personal approach very important. We work with instruction cards to properly map progress.

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Get your driver's license

At Aras Driving School, our experienced instructors will help you obtain your driver's license in a fast and friendly manner.

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Get your driver's
license quickly

Have you failed your practical exam? We offer exams at short notice. Ask about the conditions.

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Custom Driving School

Do you already have a driver's license in your country of origin? We offer refresher courses and customized lesson packages. Inquire about the conditions.

Driving School in Utrecht

Are you looking for an affordable driving school? Then you've come to the right place at Aras Driving School Utrecht. With our 12 years of experience in the driving school industry, we are a familiar face and we have helped many students get on the road safely. And now it's your turn!


We have a very high success rate and are therefore the best driving school in the region; Our professional, experienced instructors will guide you as a student through the traffic in the province of Utrecht.

With our highly experienced, professional and expert driving instructors, we try to help you quickly get your driving license (B) at the best prices. We offer various pleasant, affordable driving lesson packages and you do not have to pay a registration fee. Request a free* trial lesson today at our driving school in Utrecht.

Benefits at Aras Driving School Utrecht

Why choose our driving school? We list all the great benefits for you:


  • – Competitively priced driving lessons
  • – No costs for registration
  • – The driving school with the highest pass rate
  • Free* trial lesson
  • – Flexible hours: lessons in the evenings and on weekends
  • – Quality driving lessons: With our professional driving instructors you are assured of your driving lessons. Our driving instructors receive further training from Innovam every 5 years.
  • – Driving lessons are customized
  • – Everything at your pace
  • – Take driving lessons in new cars


Request a free trial lesson today via the website and experience the benefits of Aras Driving School Utrecht yourself.

Best Driving School in Utrecht

Are you looking for the best driving school in Utrecht? Then you have come to the right place at Aras Driving School. In order to pass your practical exam and be able to drive the car yourself, you need to manage various components properly.


“To pass your practical exam you must be able to drive “smoothly, safely and independently”. To reach this level you need to master various components.”


These include the theoretical part (where you have to take a separate exam), vehicle control (including special operations) and traffic participation. Don't worry here, because our experienced driving instructors know exactly how to show you the ropes. And they do it with great pleasure!

Paced driving lessons

Each student progresses through the course material at his or her own pace. Of course this can differ per student. Some students need more driving lessons than others. We ensure that everyone can take the practical exam with a lot of self-confidence. Aras Driving School in Utrecht therefore offers tailor-made driving lessons.


The driving lessons are tailored to your wishes, so that you can sit behind the wheel easily and relaxed. We also vary greatly in terms of lesson times. It is also feasible (possible to take driving lessons in the evening or weekend) to take driving lessons in the evening or on the weekend.


Request a free* trial lesson today. If necessary, please contact us for more information about the benefits of our driving school.

Cheapest Driving Lessons in Utrecht

With us you can enjoy the cheapest driving lessons in Utrecht! Getting your driver's license in Utrecht costs money. With us you can enjoy a package of 10 driving lessons for only €1039-, and that is a big discount for students! Do you need 30 lessons? Then you only pay €1939-.


The CBR practical exam is included in all packages. You can choose a package or individual driving lessons. View the rates on our page.

High success rate at Aras Driving School Utrecht

Do you need driving lessons at a driving school in Utrecht? Our driving school has a high pass rate. Many of our students pass their practical exam the first time. Discover our unique teaching method now to succeed the first time. If you opt for a high success rate, choose our Driving School in Utrecht.

Pass the theory exam

During your driving lesson, you will receive a lot of attention from your instructor regarding traffic rules (during your practical lessons). This way you will learn all the traffic rules so that you can participate safely in traffic.


The theory exam is an important part of the driving training. We also offer the right theory books. In these theory books you will learn the system of traffic. With the right theory books you can prepare well for your practical exam.


You can also take a course if you wish. We will help you find the right course. Just ask for the conditions.

Take a Crash Course at our Driving School in Utrecht

At Driving School Aras in Utrecht you will learn how to obtain your driving license B in 10 days. This is possible if you have your theory! During the crash course, many lessons are taught by an experienced instructor in a way that makes it suitable for you to learn quickly.


On our website you will find more information about setting up a crash course at Aras Driving School Utrecht.

Request a free* trial lesson at Aras Driving School Utrecht today without long waiting times!

Are you looking for a Turkish and/or English Driving School in Utrecht?

Then you have come to the right place at Aras Driving School. Aras Driving School Utrecht offers driving lessons in the following languages:


  • – Dutch;
  • – Turkish;
  • – English.


We offer a wide range of courses to meet your needs. Whether you're looking to get your driver's license or just brush up on your skills, we're here to help.


Our driving school has been active since 2012 and has built a reputation as one of the best driving schools in the Netherlands!

Female Driving Instructor Utrecht

Are you looking for a female driving instructor in Utrecht? Then you have come to the right place at Aras Driving School!


You can now also take lessons at Aras Driving School Utrecht with female driving instructors who will happily guide you to obtain your driver's license. Our female driving instructors offer a professional and trusted learning environment, in which you can learn to drive at your leisure. With an eye for detail and personal attention, our female instructors ensure that you hit the road with confidence. Choose the expertise and feminine touch of Aras Driving School and prepare for a successful driving experience.

Aras Driving School offers Individual Driving Lessons in Utrecht

If you do not want or cannot purchase a driving lesson package, individual driving lessons are an excellent choice for you.


Individual driving lessons are an excellent way to get to know the car and the instructor before the exam. A separate lesson can consist of 60, 90 or 120 minutes and is therefore a good addition to the lessons you already have at Aras Driving School Utrecht.


We advise you to book your individual driving lesson at least a week in advance. The individual price for a single lesson is €65,-. Every 60 minutes.

Free* Request a trial lesson

It is important to know whether Aras Driving School Utrecht is what you are looking for. That is why we think it is important to take a trial lesson. A trial lesson with us lasts 60 minutes, just like a regular driving lesson. During the trial lesson we will show you how we give driving lessons and what you can expect from us. Don't wait any longer and request a free* trial lesson today.


It is possible to take a trial lesson with us. This can be done by completing the contact form or by phone: 06-41997376. This trial lesson in Utrecht is free! We hope that together we will quickly obtain your driver's license!

Request a trial lesson at the Cheapest Driving School in Utrecht

Aras Driving School in Utrecht is an affordable and reliable driving school. The prices are very cheap, the students are satisfied and the average customer satisfaction is high. We would like to keep it that way. If you would also like to experience what it is like to take a trial lesson at Aras Driving School in Utrecht, do not hesitate and check our website for the registration form. Will we see you soon?


Would you like to request a trial lesson? Which can! Complete the contact form on our website and we will contact you as soon as possible. See you soon!


The trial lesson is free if you decide to take your driving lessons with us! We will do our best to guide you as best as possible during this trial lesson so that you get an accurate idea of what the driving lessons look like at Aras Driving School. However, it is of course possible that you decide to stick to the trial lesson only. In that case, the trial lesson is €50 and must be paid in cash after the trial lesson.

How students rate our driving school

arda polatarda polat
18:36 11 Sep 23
Beste rijinstructeur uit utrecht! Bij meneer aras voel je je altijd goed en leer je veel.
Linh NguyenLinh Nguyen
13:01 11 Sep 23
Dankzij Aras in een keer geslagen. Aras is de meest geschikte rijinstructeur voor elk type leerling, met name als je snel gespannen raakt bij het rijden. Hij zult je weldegelijk erop wijzen om veilig te rijden, maar hij doet het op een leerzame manier. Het doel is om je iets te leren en niet om je af te kraken voor je fouten. Ik had vanwege andere rijschool ervaringen mijn zelfvertrouwen verloren en een angst gekregen voor het autorijden, maar dankzij de lessen bij Aras is het toch goed gekomen. Zijn oprechte en enige doel is dat je slaagt. De lessen zijn doelgericht, leerzaam maar ook heel erg gezellig. Deze rijschool is een sterke aanrader voor iedereen.
Laala ImaneLaala Imane
09:18 02 Aug 23
Duidelijke uitleg, goede communicatie en super rijinstructeur.Aras is een fijne rijschool, echt een aanrader!!
10:43 19 Jul 23
Aras is een prettige instructeur. Hij stelt je op je gemak, legt alles rustig uit en leert je met af en toe een tip om een zelfstandige chauffeur te worden. Met Aras heb je het gevoel dat je kan leren door fouten te maken, want hij blijft rustig en herstelt deze wanneer nodig. Hierdoor zat ik ook steeds ontspannen in de auto. Verder is het ook een vriendelijke man, waarmee je gezellig kan kletsen als je dat wilt. Hij rijdt momenteel in een luxe BMW 1.18 uit 2020 (bij de schakellessen), wat het ook erg comfortabel maakt. Als je je lessen ver vooruit met hem inplant, is het ook mogelijk om in de avonduren of op zaterdag te rijden, waardoor rijles te combineren is met een kantoorbaan.Kortom: ik beveel hem aan!
Isabelle Sam-SoonIsabelle Sam-Soon
09:24 19 Jul 23
Aras is een fijne rijschool! Na een traumatiserende ervaring met een andere instructeur te hebben meegemaakt, gaf Aras me het vertrouwen om te gaan rijden. We hebben een goed rijplan gemaakt gezien de tijdsdruk om me voor te bereiden op de examendag. Hij was ondersteunend en gaf goede tips en het allerbelangrijkste: hij vertrouwde me. Bedankt Aras!
Daphne SDaphne S
07:49 12 Jul 23
Goede, professionele begeleiding tijdens de rijlessen. Tijdens de lessen heb ik nieuwe dingen geleerd over het verkeer die ik na 80 rijlessen bij mijn vorige instructeur nooit gehoord had. Wat ik vooral fijn vond aan Aras is dat hij zijn leerlingen echt op hun gemak stelt en veel geduld met ze heeft, ook leerlingen met angststoornissen en doorgeslagen perfectionisme zoals ik. Kan het iedereen aanraden!
Hamza AlothmanHamza Alothman
15:34 04 Jul 23
Het Best rijschool ooit . was inderdaad een leuke en plezierige ervaring . professionele, Duidelijk, vriendelijk . Aras heeft een sterke kennis van het vermogen van de leerling, dus luister goed naar hem , Het resultaat is zeker een succes .Ten zeerste aanbevelen
Shari LedaShari Leda
14:30 03 Jul 23
Na 45 lessen gehad te hebben bij een andere rijschool, ben ik uiteindelijk beland bij Aras, die heel veel geduld had met me. Ik raad deze rijschool 100% aan. Aras kijkt goed naar wat je nodig hebt om te slagen en met geduld probeert hij je te begeleiden.Ik ben heel erg dankbaar en ben blij dat ik toch wel heb besloten om over te stappen.Thank you 🙏🏽
Melih KocakMelih Kocak
08:59 07 Jun 23
Fijne en leuke rijschool, Voelde me gewoon thuis ondanks het lachen en praten, en het was ook duidelijke uitgelegd hoe alles moet en gaat!! zeker een aanrader!!!!!
Isis van GaalenIsis van Gaalen
15:32 15 Mar 23
Hele fijne en goede rijlessen. Alles wordt goed uitgelegd en er is veel ruimte om te leren. Gezellige rijlessen en voelde mij op mijn gemak. In 1 keer geslaagd!!
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If you use a re-examination , costs will be charged in connection with the lesson car! (€190,00)